Jenni Shepherd-Kelley

for Ottawa County


“From its founding, America is an exceptional nation blessed by God. As your commissioner, I will protect against the promotion of divisive teachings and policies in our county, defend health freedom, and protect the ability to make decisions for our own children.”


Jenni Shepherd-Kelley has a passion for the Constitution, conservative values, parental rights, and American history. As a small business owner, Jenni recognizes that every business is essential, and no governing body should have the power to mandate which businesses can operate or should close.

Jenni grew up in the Tri-Cities which fostered her love for the lake and the natural beauty of the area. She attended college and excelled in Division One volleyball at Charleston Southern University while earning double Bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Kinesiology. After graduating, Jenni was drawn back to Grand Haven to raise her children near her own family and the beaches of West Michigan.

Jenni is married to David Kelley and has 2 boys, 8 and 9 years old. David and Jenni are small business owners who are committed to their faith. They attend a local church and their children attend a local Christian school.

As a parent, Jenni is passionate about parental rights, which she believes are not to be infringed upon by government entities. Parents are the final decision-maker in determining the care and education of their children.

Jenni is passionate about American values and believes in teaching our true history which is rooted in American exceptionalism. She opposes the Marxist teachings of CRT/DEI and believes that all people are created equal, and no one should be judged by the color of their skin, but instead the content of their character.



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